1950s houewife fetish


1950s wife

You are commenting using your google+ account. I think most the critics don’t actually understand what this is about. In the 50’s she got to sit home and quietly drink or tranquilize herself to death. Nearly every key player in the film watches. Nor are we talking about the kind of society in which women could divorce their husbands for adultery only if it was proved (for example with a private detective and a photograph) or for reasons of drunkenness, insanity or desertion.

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A 1950s household fetish? | deliciouslydeviant

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1950s houewife fetish.

The kinky ever after authors

You have too much autonomy” and i just felt sad. I completely agree being a 50’s housewife kind of gal in a d/s relationship would be absolute heaven for me. A wife gets herself blackmailed into to being a sex toy.

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