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They usually provide work for small businesses in the local area. This approach gives flexibility to clients and keeps you well within your profit margin as well. I am an amateur photographer/enthusiast with moderate experience that has been using the a7 ii for a few years and wants to upgrade. Another important factor is they. Generally, high volume means average photography that is not too risky, and a lot of people can use. I am thinking to change my model and require that clients print through smugmug only, which would be a twist on the session fee print model. Loving every minute of it, but now felt a little pressured to make sure i got the scoring moments, and highlights of the game.

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Any help would be appreciated. Rates of student photographers can vary based on a number of factors – the school that they are studying in, the stage of their education, whether they have worked with and assisted other professional photographers and last but not the least, their photography portfolio.