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Plotting and terrible acting (even lindy booth, who would go on to much more high profile work is pretty bad here). There are always at least two forces at work on language that make it what it is: the desire to define and reduce language, simplify it, maintain it; and the constant modification and evolution that is placed upon it by its users. Some of them may be spam bots, others may be people i know well but who are using different names, and still others are probably people who are applying the term ‘friend’ slightly differently from me. Is a confusing and thoroughly juvenile adventure for undiscriminating tweens. 99/month we’ll remove all ads and give you unlimited song skips.

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A twisty erotic thriller that overcomes plodding red herrings about over satanic rites and vampirism, the film may a compromised version of koontz’s book but it’s still true to its trashy roots as a horror bestseller. Some stupid remark, some poorly thought-through opinion, some mindless snark or a stupid night out from when i was a teenager, and it could be framed in the worst possible light and fired at me at the worst possible time.

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