Female domination enforced feminization

The male bridesmaid duology: female domination, male chastity & forced feminization [the male bridesmaid & the reluctant cuckoldress] by sabrina jen mountford (paperback / softback, 2013) | ebay

When he turns up at her place of work, he witnesses her neutering a stray cat while extolling the virtues of neutering males. Thus begins a ‘down the rabbit hole’ story, where he learns his girlfriend, whom he loves is not only a fully qualified vert with her own practice, but also filthy rich – the only child of absurdly wealthy and very eccentric parents. A firm believer in ‘waiting until we’re married’ nancy places dave in a ktb chastity device insisting if she’s waiting he has to wait too, including playing with himself.

Gender swap : anitas transgender pill : a gender bender story : female domination, forced feminization, forced transgender, forced gender swap, forced sex change, gender switch, mtf by sabrina mountford (2013, paperback) | ebayPinterest


Amazon | the photographer: female domination, forced feminization, bdsm & male chastity | maia anne fisher | eroticaFemale domination enforced feminization.

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