Guys with dildos up the butt

The 5 rules of anal play for straight men

He uses dildo on himself. Not gay at all. I think that this conversation will actually be really good to show my girlfriend when i see her tonight, because we sort of reached a wall, where i’m too awkward to buy a plug, but still interested in having one. Just hold it there for a few moments while your body adjusts to the pressure. It’s essential if you want a prostate orgasm. I’ve done it about 10 time or less with in a month or two back in december ,i feel super ashamed after and don’t feel like going even outside anywhere until i have sex with my wife but i think i can enjoy it all the time everyday but i’m too chicken now, if i didn’t feel the way i do after plus i would continue. The other essential for a bit of bum-action is, of course, lubricant.

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Are you sexually more dominant or submissive?

Get two – one for each of you. And follow the steps above.

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