Identifying facial features

Human anatomy fundamentals: advanced facial features

The “c” shape of the auricle can be round but also squarish or pointed (if not to a vulcan degree!) the whole ear can be narrow, appearing compressed, or it can stick out, in which case, when looking at the head in profile, the ear presents itself to us not flat, but at an angle where more of the rim shows. Note that some native american types have an epicanthic fold (it’s one of the factors that indicate they descend from asian types) while others have more western eyes with a strong outer fold. Eyes; they are in fact very dark brown, which shows when light hits the iris directly. While the depth of the skull is originally population-dependent, these three types do not correspond to the three families of ethnotypes but are all found in each. Note that you can make a girl look younger, on paper, by omitting the eyelashes; their presence in a stylized drawing immediately ages her.

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Identifying facial features.


One other eye shape that needs study is distinctly ethnic: the asian eye. The nose looks longer, even if it’s still slightly upturned.