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For my part, i enjoy the scent of my vagina but i have also had my face in proximity to other vaginas and if it’s clean, that is the best smell in the world. If you have more information about dana fetish, you can expand it by adding a. But i really want to know if women like the smell of their own vaginas? do men like the smell of their own penis’? is it weird to like the smell of our own genitals? is it hygienic to smell our own genitals and to actually love doing it so much that it turns into a habit? do people love the smells of their own genitals and their partners’? or am i the only one who does this? or is it just smell fetish? are we supposed to like the smell of genitals or be put off by it apart from during sexy time? i’m really curious to know the answers to all these questions and also to feel/not feel like a freak for having done this for a long time. I think some people in general are more attuned to smell. The sacred within obscurity, and how scent and ritual ties in to all of that. To get enough money to give both him and his mother the independence from vincent that they desperately need, ciel becomes a scent performer-that is, someone who is willing to pleasure themselves in front of alphas so that they may get off on the rare scent of an omega. The best thing is to be direct.

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It’s 2015 and this scent i purchased in the summer of 2006 is still detectable. Fixed in the back of every notebook and diary to save precious seconds on endlessly updating my to-do lists.

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