She shaved my balls

5 reasons why you shouldnt bother shaving your balls - collegehumor post

My wife likes a trimed front patch, i like bare bottom and hole and nothing on the penis. I used to be terrified at the idea and figured attempting it would make my nutsack look like it got run over by a lawnmower, but it went surprisingly well. I wish my boyfriend did. Shocked would be too mild a word to use here.

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Manual razor or body groomer:

Girls, im debating whether i should shave my balls or not? - girlsaskguysMen: do you shave your scrotum? : sexHow to shave mens genitals (illustrated) | bellatoryShe shaved my balls.

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Keeping up the trimming (by use of a triple-edge razor) in the shower and coloring makes you look and feel great! It is an amazing product.