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Rick: why are you posting as too much meditation? and you deleted your blog again. I can write that calling a dead zen teacher a dildo is tasteless and offensive and you assume i’m ‘upset’. I was also surprised to see all the original members back together again–but your blog post implies that frehley and criss are not back on board. Tommy and i both mused whether we’d like to see the narrative arc build and climax over three or four separate songs, but this was not what we got and it mattered little as the crushing sound took on a meditative effect. Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure. Why another from me? Squarehead, what you lack in subtlety, you very well make up in silly irreverence.

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‘a teacher can open the door to learning but it’s you that has to walk through it’ as they say. As far as the sex, i have experienced what brad is talking about. Nice the way mark directs green onto fertile areas in illness, politics, managerialism, music.