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And rotten eggs their signature stink. Not knowing what’s happening on the spinoff is a true nightmare. The longest lines in the park are usually superman, el toro, kingda ka, and sometimes nitro or batman ( but the former three are typically more crowded since the latter two have quick moving lines more often than not). ) here are 15 more quips from some of america’s most astute commentators. The food is pricey and disgusting for a place so popular they sure charge you up for everything i’m surprised they dont have a charge on the bathrooms this place could be better if they support all weight classes and not just the average american people smh. The four most beautiful words in our common language: i told you so. Most people would be respectful enough to dry off then put their shirts back on but you’ve always got the few in the crowd who decide they won’t follow the rules.

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And, remember, this ceremony is no giggling matter. Still, even the most solid, unimaginative citizen can see the appeal of working in america’s coolest cemetery, hollywood forever. Wet clothes at worst can lower your body temperature, but that alone wouldn’t make you anymore or any less susceptible to illness.