Prehistoric times oral sex

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A brief cultural history of sex | the independent

During the 1960s many old ideas were swept away by what we now call the sexual revolution. Enlightenment literature, in novels such as samuel richardson’s clarissa and, most strongly, in the novels of the marquis de sade, outlined the dangers and excitements of sexual perversion and reveal the extent to which sex had moved away from the guilt-laden act of the middle ages to become an intoxicating if risky source of pleasure. For instance, check out this exhibit from colonial williamsburg’s online gallery: The blow job is, in essence, the new joystick of teen sexuality.


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A brief cultural history of sex

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Now for a comparable article for cunnilingus. This, they believe, explains the emerging focus on the sexual act. A combination of overt gentility and ignorance turned the 19th century into the most rotten age there has ever been for sexuality.

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